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In Denmark we pick strawberries in juni and july. Furthermore we pick raspberries from July to September.

The pickers start the work in the fields at 6 am and normally work until 12 o'clock.

They work 6 days every week, with a changing day as free day. The work is hard and sometimes also very wet, depending on the danish wether. 

If you want to apply for a jos as a picker you must must have theese following qualifications:

Speak very good english
Be able to work hard - also when the weather is bad

Be able to get up early in the morning

Be in a good mood

If you want to apply for work you are welcome to contact us by email from January until March on


You can find us on by following the link 

With kind regards

Soren Olesen


We have a campsite on the main farm and on a neighbour farm nearby. You can choose wether you would like to live in your own brought tent, or you want to live in one of our living wagons. 


It is also very important bring practical work clothes, rain clothes and rubber boots. 

There is a house with a large kitchen and cooking facilities also bathrooms with showers and a washing machine. 

The workers clean the house on rotation basis. This is done daily to ensure the facilities are kept clean. 

It is not allowed to bring dogs or other pets to the farm. 

In the camp you meet young people from all over Europe, and many long lasting friendships have been made over the years.


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